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When something bothered me, I didn’t talk with anyone about it. I thought it over all by myself, came to a conclusion, and took action alone. Not that I really felt lonely. I thought that’s just the way things are. Human beings, in the final analysis, have to survive on their own.
Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart  (via elauxe)

(Source: splitterherzen)


Yesterday you were still there. You were a friend, grandfather, mother, classmate, the neighbor, a colleague, that boy at the cash deck, the nice couple from next door. Yesterday your loved ones waved you goodbye at the airport. You were a tourist on his way to the sun, an exchange student going to family, a professor on his way to a conference.
Today you’re a victim. A victim of a battle you had nothing to do with. A victim of violence that is as useless as mopping the floor while the faucet is still open.

I don’t know you, yet I can’t get you out of my mind. Celebrating holiday suddenly feels selfish when I think about the pain and sadness of the people who waved you goodbye yesterday. The people who hoped for a safe homecoming. Who are still hoping they will soon wake up from this terrible nightmare.

I can’t stop thinking about you. How you stepped on that plane to your exotic destination, full of cheerful expectations.
The picture of a Lonely Planet between the wreckage testifies to the plans you had. Seeing the world, discovering a beautiful country.
I close my eyes and in my thoughts I go with you. Past the douane, through the luggage check, towards the gate and looking for your seat in the vehicle. I don’t dare to go further. My mind can’t think of what you must have thought when the plane that was supposed to bring you to your destination suddenly fell out of the sky. I’m hoping for nothing, but I fear the worst.

I don’t know you. Also for me you’re an unknown victim of senseless violence. Yet my heart feels heavy. It feels heavy because I know that I could never imagine how it would be if you were my loved one. My mother, my grandfather, my friend or colleague.
I don’t know you, but yet you’re constantly on my mind. You, your loved ones and all the people who are mourning about you.

Rest in peace dear unknown. My heart and thoughts are with the people who have to miss you. Just because you could have been my loved one.

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